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Terms & Conditions

1. Spiffy Solutions starts working on a project upon receipt of a down payment (50% of the total project quote). Remaining payments are due according to the payment plan of the client's package stated on the client's contract and the billing information submitted by the client will be used to process the payments on the date(s) stated on his/her invoice (contract). Websites are made live upon completion of the project, when all payments are cleared. If applicable, hosting and domain name registration fees must be paid every year.

2. Additional services come at additional fees, based on our hourly rates. If clients require additional services, the correspondent fee is added to their invoice and they are charged accordingly.


3. If the client fails to process a payment on time, a late fee payment will be added to their bill and the project will automatically be put on hold or cancelled at Spiffy Solutions' whole discretion. If the project is not cancelled, it is Spiffy Solutions' whole discretion to decide when to resume work on the project once the late payment and the late fees are processed.

4. Delays in project completion may occur when:
   a) There is a delay in any payments.
   b) The client requests further changes in the design, structure, or content of the project.
   c) The client purchases an additional service related to the project.
   d) There is a delay in the receipt of any materials from the client.

Time frame estimates are approximate only and are subject to change at any point of time during the development phase at Spiffy Solutions' sole discretion.

5. Spiffy Solutions will under no circumstances be held responsible to satisfy unreasonable expectations or requests that lie beyond the scope of Spiffy Solutions' offer of services to its client. It is Spiffy Solutions' discretion to decide whether or not a request or an expectation is reasonable or lies within the scope of offer of services to its client. In other words, Spiffy Solutions will make all the necessary efforts to satisfy the client within the framework of its original agreement with the client, according to Spiffy Solutions' understanding.

6. Once a client of Spiffy Solutions, you authorize Spiffy Solutions to generate invoices charged for the services rendered and agree to clear payment as per the contract agreement and within the payment due date.