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Web Designing and Development

Web designing is the term used to define the planning and creating websites. This includes information architecture, user interface, graphical appearance, layouts, content writing and imagery. Web designers consider the site’s audiences, functions and traffic to specific sections when deciding designs. A combination of all these elements combines the web design and creates a website that meets the requirements of the owner.

Website Development

Technical and Designing Phases:

Case Study Detail Case Study
Roadmap Design Logical Roadmap
Potentials Empathizes on Client’s Potentials
Designs Website Structure Planning
Designs Website Development
Navigation Content Documentation
Navigation Database Management

Technical and Designing Features Include:

Navigation Clear Navigation Links
Browsers Friendly Latest Browsers Friendly
Email Response Auto Email Response System
Database Database Oriented Structure
Content Content Management System
SEO Basic SEO Complained
Analytic Tools Integrated Analytic Toolkit
Controls Administrative Controls
Support Post Delivery Technical Support (Limited Warrenty)

Detail Case Study

Well, first things first. Before we start designing your website, we try to understand your requirements first and chalk out the need of your online presence. Your objectives, your vision, mission and target audiences are the key factors that influences our design. A close interaction between you and Spiffy Solutions allows us to understand you better.

Design Logical Roadmap Product Designs

We design your online presence with logical approach to visualize YOU and your specialty to highlight you from the flock. While designing, we keep in mind to make you identified by the ‘extra’ characteristic features of you. We try to highlight these ‘special characters’ to make you focused both technically and textually.

Customized Designs

We design your online address with the best of our technical knowledge and creativity. The ‘first look’ is very important as this will attract your potential clients and transform it to ‘businesses. A sample design is first sketched which will be forwarded to you to get your acceptance. This will then be further developed to give ‘completeness’ to its optimum capacity.

Empathizes on your Potentials

Every organization is based on the rich knowledge of its own. Knowledge is the most important business tool to overtake competitors. Better knowledge reflects better products, better business processes, better management and better values. The richer the knowledge, the organization is more unique, competitive and successful. This uniqueness should also reflect in your website. We, at Spiffy Solutions, empathize on your rich knowledge base to showcase your uniqueness to your visitors.

Clear Navigation to Links Product Designs

Clear and simple content makes your site understandable and thus acceptable to all your visitors. Navigation between the webpages are kept logical and simple to understand but colorful and attractive to draw the visitor’s attention. Highlighting the main objectives sends that ‘unique message’ to the visitor that you meant to convey.

Basic SEO Complained

Website design is made attractive to its best to get viewers’ attention. But designers often forget that search engines are less interested in the ‘look’ of your webpage. They are really interested in the uniqueness of your content, your ‘message’ conveyed through every page of the website. We at Spiffy Solutions understand these search engines better and their pattern to list a related page against ‘keywords’. We take immense care to make every page of your website ‘noticed’ form the very beginning of our design. Our designs are search engines complained.

Auto Email Response System

Do you have enough time to reply every enquiry individually? Well, if you are a small organization, you can because your enquiries are reasonably small in numbers. But think of a process which replies a basic response within minutes to the enquiry generated. Won’t that be smart enough? This not only reflects your promptness to response every enquiry, but also satisfying your enquirer with a related response. Confused? Well, allow us to handle this.

Latest Browsers Friendly Product Designs

We do take care of your website to be browser friendly. We take special care to make your website visible with all its features available and display all the structural properties properly across most popular browsers, mainly Chrome, Firefox and others. All these browsers do update themselves constantly. Thus our work becomes more competitive to compline your website accordingly with these latest versions of the browsers.

Database Oriented Structure

To handle the dynamic content of your website (if you desire), we design your website through database oriented structure to allow you to constantly update / alter / modify the information which you provide through your website. We use php and mysql to simplify our work. Websites which works with realtime data are also designed through database oriented structure to give the best output in realtime to the website visitors.

Administrative Controls

Websites equipped with database support, interactive pages or with Content Management System are provided with multiple administrators to manage different aspects of your website. Controls added according to their requirements, provide smooth and verified content for your webpages. These features are added accordingly to your demand and requirements.

Content Management System Product Designs

We always value our customer’s money. With just some extra cost initially, we do also provide a parallel admin control system to update, modify or alter your content. This is very effective for customers who require updating the information displayed in the website regularly. Instead of spending money every time for the change in the content, customers can use the ‘content management tool’ to do the changes as per the requirement. No extra cost involves then and your website is updated with the new updated information. This happens to be a win situation always.

Integrated Analytic Toolkit

Well, your website is to be monitored. Just to confirm that you reach to the right segment of your targeted audiences, your viewer ship data analysis is important. We offer free integration of such analytic toolkit (freeware) with your web design package. Detail analysis and statistical information are automatically saved which on the long run can provide vital guidance to your future plan of action.

Free Support

Our work is not completed just after successful hosting and functioning of your website. We are committed to confirm your involvement in controlling your own website. This is done while smooth transfer of the completed website project. Free technical support beyond final delivery is provided as per your requirements (design package).

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